Professional Development Coaching for Entrepreneurs


The 1-on-1 sessions are individualized, high level interactions that increase productivity, focus, and overall results of the client’s personal and professional objectives. You will be asked to show up with an up-to-day schedule for each session so that your Facilitator can help assign tasks that will drive you closer to hitting your goals. 

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One on One Coaching

All the tools you need for

Structured Freedom
for your business, your health, and your life – (See how it works!)
Introductory Call

Allow us to learn more about you and the mission with a consultation, where we establish a clear picture of where you want to be and a strategy to leverage your time, money, energy, and other resources to get you accomplish your goals.

Create Your Path

Once clear on the direction, we establish a baseline of your current progress with a series of comprehensive questionnaires and a one-on-one evaluation.

Get Paired with a Coach

Based on your goals, we will select the right coach to help you achieve your mission.

Build a Structure

Our True Living team uses our arsenal of professionals and resources to select which programs and support systems will help you reach your goal the fastest. By working with your facilitator, we set you on the path towards health, joy, and success.

Accountability and Success

Our facilitators work with you every step of the way so you can break down barriers and make the tough decisions necessary to achieve your goals. And yes, we often get to celebrate with you when you reach them!

A Multi-Faceted Solution tailored for


Discover an authentic relationship to your body. Feel in control of your overall wellness, while gaining the energy you need as an entrepreneur to be fully present in your work and home life.
Learn how to create the lifestyle you want, with daily routines and weekly habits that bring you closer to your goals.


True Living?

Discover a lifestyle that delivers a new way of thinking that transforms health, joy, and success in your life, business and relationships.

There are few people who feel clarity in every aspect of their lives, even the aspects that are self-identified as the “most important”, such as family, money or spirituality. True Living will help you dissolve the boundaries that limit you from achieving what you really want. 

The short term mission? To help you reach your immediate goals. The long term mission? To equip you with the mindset and tools needed to address and achieve any current or future goals. 

Designed for


Build a bridge from where you are now to where you want to be. Pick a goal, and our program will be tailored to accomplish it through a completely unique set of actions.

Available Virtually


Access our online portal on any desktop or mobile device. Our facilitators coach through phone, video, and email, so you can keep the mission going from anywhere in the world. What you learn is universally applicable and entirely mobile.

A Connection To


Plug into an online community of people who are also on a mission to live a meaningful life. It helps you stay accountable to your own dreams and goals.

A Program Fully


Your customized program includes access to our worksheets, articles, videos, live webinars, one on one coaching and more. These resources will help you create a clear understanding of how to bring your mind and body back into balance.

Engineered By


Our system pulls together the expert techniques that create long lasting lifestyle change so you can take massive action toward your goals regardless of your circumstances

An Engaging

Support Network

Learn the skill of creating a “dream team” within your own network of supporters and empowering your mission.


How much facilitation is included in the One on One coaching program?

Our standard 1-on-1 Facilitation programs include six (6) deep dives and six (6) check-ins which may be used over a period of six (6) months or consolidated into a three month intensive.

What does the online part of the program include?

All One on One Coaching programs also include unlimited access to the True Living Pathfinder Portal & Business Vault until the sessions are complete.

Is there financing or flexible payment options available?

Yes! True Living offers payment plans in a variety of formats for your convenience. Inquire about our payment options during your free consultation for more details.



Every aspect of my life was improved - my business, my relationships, my health… I have used a lot of coaches and True Living was the best, NO COMPETITION.

- Alesha P.

I get to choose how I show up in my world, what I want to create and I can live a life by design. With greater intention than ever before.

- Rachel S.

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