Brian Breach

Brian Breach ###span### Entrepreneur ###/span###

Brian Breach is a creator, entertainer, entrepreneur, recent Tedx Talk speaker and social media influencer. His journey started off in the world of music where he spent a decade performing and opening for some of the biggest names in hip hop as well as having his song air nationally as the into to a TV show for 3 years. In the process of making music he was a co-founder of GTPS independent label & a highly successful hip hop blog

As time passed he also created Silkey Clothing and co founded GTPS printing. Eventually stepping away from music he has made a name for himself in the world of viral videos/sketch comedy with one of his first social experiments going internationally viral, having the story being featured on FOX, MSNBC, CNN, ABC, NBC Inside Edition, Yahoo and many other Media outlets. Brian is currently verified on Instagram with over 92,000 followers and growing fan base.

In the past year Brian has been able to speak to up and coming entrepreneurs and content creators around the country. He plans to continue make his mark on this earth while empowering others through motivational and positive content. He has also recently started working to launch his own TV show called America’s Gone Viral host of Dining Divas. It will be the first ever viral competition show for content creators and plans to launch it in 2020.

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