Deborah Levison

Deborah Levison ###span### Journalist, Publicist & Author of The Crate ###/span###

Deborah Levison’s life has two parts: the first in Canada, where she attended University of Toronto and the Royal Conservatory of Music, and the second in Connecticut, where she works as a writer/publicist and lives with three children, two doodles, and one husband. Her debut book, THE CRATE: A Story of War, a Murder, and Justice, is a true crime story with echoes of the Holocaust. New York Times bestselling authors Lee Child called it “impressive and important” and James Rollins said it was a “gut punch with such harrowing moments that you have to stop and take a breath.” Other reviewers have called it “gorgeous and poetic,” “heart-wrenching,” and “a brilliant story.” The book received seven literary awards. Visit her at

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