Robbie Law

Robbie Law ###span### Public Speaker, Coach, Entrepreneur ###/span###

Over the past 20 years, Robbie has been a Public Speaker, Coach, and Entrepreneur. 

As a Public Speaker, he’s given over 7000 live events in all 50 states, sharing positive messages formulated to propel people to the next level in their life. 

As an Entrepreneur, he has owned retail stores, flipped over 30 houses, raised 10’s of millions of dollars for businesses, sold millions of dollars worth of products, and helped his clients create tens of thousands of new customers.

As a Performance Coach, Robbie has trained hundreds on his “Presenters Formula.” Teaching principles of persuasion and influence, public speaking, mindset, and sales. Working with leaders of all types, to insure they have the confidence to prepare and present their message with effectiveness.

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